Superior Support

Kootenai’s locally supported IT systems are structured around meeting the needs of the patient and the clinician using the best technology at the lowest possible cost.

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Regional Collaboration

Kootenai’s discounted pricing and support model allows the residents of northern Idaho to enjoy unprecedented collaboration among those who serve their health care needs.

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Visionary Leadership

Kootenai’s talented and well balanced IT Leadership team has helped us to become northern Idaho’s best solution for technology services and support.

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When the Theater Projector Breaks

So I was at the movies with my daughter when the projector suddenly freezes up. Living in North Idaho means that this is not an unusual occurrence. I know the drill, but I decide to use it as a learning experience. “Honey,” I say to my 10-year-old, “there are fifty people in the theater with…



Automate Yourself Out of a Job

Before we get started with the nuts and bolts of this “how-to”, let’s get something straight: people who are overworked do not have a job. They have jobs. This blog post is a guide to help you eliminate or automate the tasks that are taking most of your time and that you wish you could…


Kevin Torf
Managing Partner, T2 Tech Group

torf“Kootenai Health has developed a comprehensive long-term strategy to develop the backbone for regionalized healthcare IT services.”

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